That kid Evan. (nerdyglasses) wrote,
That kid Evan.

Evan IS alive!

Some shit's been going down at my place, so I haven't been there really. =/ My mom found out about me and Patrick...I don't know, somehow, I guess she could've seen us kissing and just.......uuuugh. She's seriously piiiiiissssssssssseeeeed and so I've been bumming around, hiding out at Darien's or Patrick's, and I think Sadie's a couple times, but her parents don't like me moochin so. Actually right now I'm at Kain's, no clue why I didn't come here sooner but...the point is I'm here now.

Kain got pretty pissed when I showed up, seeing as I've kind of been MIA. So I'm thinking I'm gonna be stuck here a couple more days until my dad calls and gives me the OK to go back my mom doesn't castrate me. I think.....she's prolly just pissed that I didn't tell her before / that she didn't figure it out sooner. Iunno...I'm not really sure if she's actually mad that i like boys. Like I've heard her say shit against gays before but with some people they don't care if it's their own kid, you know? cause they want their kids to be happy.

...I'm scared. ._______. Like....I know she's a gigantic bitch and I hate her, but...she's my mommy and idon'twanthertohateme.

I haaaaate mooching like this, but i love that i have friends who care enough to let me. Even darien-who rarely shows any emotion. OH speaking of...he is really really good at cooking. like whoaaaaaa.. i shouldve expected it with how much he lvoes food but holy shitttttttttttttt, he's good. I like staying at his place for this very reason. xD But, yeah....I fucking HAAATE not having my cell with me. Mom was freaking out so much i just kind of....ran, and dragged patrick with me.

Kain is whining so we're gonna go watch tv or eat or cuddle or iunnnnooooooooooo somethin. I missed my best fraaaaaaandddddd.<333

...First i really need a shower, but patrick just dropped me off like half an hour ago and I don't wanna call him to bring me some of his clothes. XDD Oh god, im gonna have to wear kain's clothes. I am gonna look ridiculousssssss

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