That kid Evan. (nerdyglasses) wrote,
That kid Evan.

Oh. My. Fucking. God.

Oh my god.

Patrick actually asked me out and just.....................
I'm like........

And justlike........ohmigodholyshit.
He just randomly called me and went, "Uh Evan I've wanted to ask you something for a little while and Sadie's saying I'm going to lose my chance if I don't do it soon so I'm gonna try now.......wannagooutwithmeplease?"

and i like.....started squealing like a chick and i was like "OHMIGODyesyesyesyesyessssssssss"

and then i called kain and told him and he was all happy for me and omggggggggggggggwheeeeeeeeeeeillovelife

And just.....
he is so cute. He has this adorable hair that's blonde and kinda wavy but not really and it's long and he's like...skinny and bony but he still has hips (<3333333333333) and just like............


but idc because ;adkfja;sdkjfpatricklikesme

Oh, iris is still little miss superbitch, by the way. She forgave me but it's not the same. I think she just wants me to spy on Kain for her...I'm not telling her anything though.
And she has a new boyfriend. His name is Mike, I don't like him he's a creep. And he makes fun of me and calls me gaywad and stuff and only Kain and non-bitch Iris can call me that...because I know they love me and they're joking.
Why did she hide Kain's awesomeness from me for so long? >| bitch
Tags: bitch!iris, evan has a boyfriend???, evan has friends, i like patrick's peen, omg hi, patrick
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goof lluck

thouugh you probaly dont nteed it
What's wrong? :(
-cuddles- I love you, a lot. You're reallyreally awesome and a great friend and...
please stop being sad scott
Sadie is a very wise person. For a high schooler. I still need to properly hang out with you and them, together.

Congrats again, Evan. I hope you guys work together. And I'm sorry evil bitch is being, well, an evil bitch. You don't have to hang out with her, you know. I know you miss her, but...she isn't even Iris anymore. Something's changed, and reminding myself of that is helping me get over her.
I didn't have to forgive you, Evan.
And like the idiot above me said, you don't have to hang out with me.

If you don't like who I am now, and you don't like Mike, then leave us alone. I don't need you.
If you don't need me, why were you the one who texted me and said, AND I QUOTE:

"I'm sorry evvie. I was an idiot, and i miss you. you're my best friend forever, okay? if you don't forgive me i understand."
You know what? It doesn't matter. You don't matter.
I can live without you.
Yeah, I'm ignoring you now.
Have a nice life. Or not.