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Maan, wtf is up with me and writing entries when my friends are over? I think I'm like....addicted to LJ. Dx This could be badddd, man. I NEED IT INJECTED STRAIGHT INTO MY VEINSSS~~~~~~

But yeahh, Sadie and Patrick are over. (If you guys haven't noticed this yet, they do everything together. Like EVERYTHING. It's almost annoying that I never see one without the other.)

Oh god, speaking of Patrick...

Earlier he went into the bathroom and Sadie decided it was the perfect oppurtunity to give me the 3rd degree. She was seriously all, "Oh my god Evan you like Patrick. Don't deny it Evan I know how you look at him." And I was just kinda like, "Uh.....yeah. ._____." And then she kept going, "Ohmigod, are you like gonna ask him outtt???????" And I was like, "Well, I don't know, I'm not really the straightforward type...and I don't even think he likes me anyway." And then she opened her mouth but Patrick came back so I don't know if he likes me and oh my god I want him to sososo bad. ;_; Like you guys don't even understand.

Sadie's entertaining when she's not grilling me for info, though. I love her to deathhhhh. Her and Patrick are great...and yes, Darien is too. He's truly bringing out the guy in me. XD More than Kain does, I mean. 'Cause Kain kinda...lets his guard down easier, and shows that there's something else underneath the disgusting rapist creep. Darien...I know there's something there, but he won't show anyone. >:| I'm determined to get him to trust me now. I wanna know who the sweet guy is.

Oh, an;alksdjfah;geoijknamdfxjgapnoq/;[=/vfophj=cx;n


HIHIIIIIIIIIII thsi is patrickkkkkkkk and im sitting on evan right now and i just fought him for the Keyboard cus i wanted to say hi to his lil online diary friendssssssss so like hiii i ugess and um i hate typing andddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd hi! byeeee evan is threatening to kill me now

.....What the fuck. xDDD God that boy is so...weird. <333333 That's why I like him, though. Hm, this entry is long and stupid enoughh. :)

So byeeeeeeeee lj! :DDDD
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