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Never take friendship personal.

I've completely forgotten about LiveJournal. Seriously! I've actually been hanging out with people. Jack has some really awesome friends. I've been hanging out with him, Sadie, Darien, and Patrick a lot lately. They're all really cool, we pretty much have the same interests. It's nice to have friends besides Kain and Iris.

Problem is....last week I told them I'm gay. =/ It was an accident, though. We were talking about 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button' and it just slipped out. I went, "Brad Pitt is so fucking hot. I'd fuck him, hard." (Kain is such a bad influence on me. I didn't used to cuss like, ever, and now I do all the time. Fuck you, Ka.) >.> Eh-heh heh...Sadie and Patrick immediately yelled, "I FUCKING KNEW IT!" Darien dropped his taco and made a fish face for a second (the opening and closing of the mouth), but then he went, "So, you're gay?" And I confirmed that yes, I am, and he nodded and kept eating his taco. So he's cool with it, I guess. But Jack...basically freaked the fuck out. =/ He honestly started yelling and just...=/ I feel stupid for telling them. I think that they're all way cool, and Jack's the one who introduced me to them. He won't talk to me anymore. I feel like if I continue talking to everyone else, I'll be like....idk. Stealing his friends? I'm not too good with this friend thing. When I get in a fight with the one who introduced me to the rest, am I still allowed to talk to the rest?

Sadie, Patrick and Darien are still talking to me. So I guess I'm allowed. But I see Jack at school every day, so it's weird not talking to him...I don't get to see everyone else at school. Sadie and Patrick are both homeschooled, and Darien is a dropout. <--This upsets me greatly, but I don't tell him that. I'm getting really close with all three of them. They're really awesome. Sadie is sweet, and I feel like I can tell her anything. (But she's not replacing you, Iri and Ka. None of them are. Promise.) She and Patrick have been friends since they were babies, and they basically do everything together. When I was upset about Jack being a jerk (LMAO), Patrick confided that he's bisexual. So I feel a lot less alone there.

And...I'm a bit relieved he's bi, 'cause I have a crush on him. Like a big one. I think Sadie knows. She gives me this look, like one that just screams "OHMYGOD EVAN YOU SO LOVE HIM." Which I don't. Obviously, considering I just met him.

Darien is awesome too! He threatened to burn all of my 'dweeby-ass sweater bullshit.' He's kind of...I don't know. XD He told me that if I ever wore a sweater around him again he'd rip it off and burn it/feed the ashes to his dog. Since then I've pretty much stopped wearing sweaters completely. It's weird...I always wear sweaters and t-shirts and now I'm just wearing t-shirts. And I stole a black zip-up hoodie thing from Patrick, so I've been wearing that. I feel significantly less dweeby/faggy. Even though I love me some sweaters.

Things on the mom front are so much better lately. She's been really nice, and normal. She seems to think Sadie is my girlfriend, however...Lol, NO THANKS.

Anyway, that's basically my life now, and I'm enjoying it a lot. Everything is awesomesauce. <3 KA, IRI, WE NEED TO CHIIIIIILLLLLLL. And if you guys want to, you can meet my new buddies. :DDDDDD


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