That kid Evan. (nerdyglasses) wrote,
That kid Evan.


I had a long long long long long talk with my mommy.

she doesn't hate me. <3333333333

She was like...i dont know, really sad that I didn't tell her earlier. especially since I told dad a while ago. Aaaand she said she was super super super pissed at first because I didn't tell her and she didn't know and she likes being in control of things and this was beyond her control. Annnd she says she was like....looking forward to me getting married and having kids, which I don't think I ever would anyway but. She told me that dad had to keep talking to her and trying to get her to calm down and it took forever but she's ok with it now.

but....she's been acting a lot better lately. she's not such a bitch anymore. she likes patrick, like, as my boyfriend. she says he's good for me. and like she smiles when we hold hands and stuff. :DD

I don't know what's up with her, its like she's a totally different person, but i like it, a lot.

Oh, but sadly, her knowing about us means that now there are more ruless. Like I can't have him in my room with the door shut unless someone else is in there with us.
Buuuuuuut none of that matters. I feel so much better now. <3

Byeeeee :DD
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