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i am a teenage giiiiiiiirl.

and i dont caaaaaaaare, 8DDDDDD

Patrick is reallyreally sweet, and just...omg. :3 He picked me up from school was so cute, I found him in the hallway after my last class, he looked so lost. (I don't know if I mentioned...he's homeschooled.) And I said, "What are you doing here, Patrick?" and he said "I wanted to surprise you but I couldn't figure out where you were!" (No shit...the school is huge.) and I just laughed at him, and he took my hand (!!!!!!, so cuteeee, omg he makes me all melty and a;dslkfas) and we kinda just drove around aimlessly for a little while, and then we went to a random park. :3 It was really fun, we were just being idiots and swinging, and going down the slides that were about as long as our legs. It was just...adorable. I guess that's our 'first date?' Idc. I love being around him no matter what.

And after we went to Sadie's and dear god, I love her to death but she's so annoying when she's right. The whooole time she was all, "AWWWWWW, YOU GUYS ARE BOYFRIENDSSSSSSS, I TOLD YOU HE LIKED YOU PATRICKKKKKKK!" And then I started blushing so she started giggling and just generaly being Sadie. And Patrick told her to stop embarrassing me, and said "Besides, we're technically not boyfriends...yet." and I seriously just diedddd. ;_;

You guys don't even get how happy I am. I feel like a normal teenager now. I have friends, and I'm dating someone, and it's awesomeeeeeeeeeeee. 8DDDDDD

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